My DIY Truck Camper – Camping In Flagstaff, AZ

IMG_4645 - Version 2

I think this photo was from my first day camping in Flagstaff back in spring 2014. This particular camping area is near the Naval Observatory and is one of my “go to” sites when I’m in the area, as it’s the closest to town. Not this exact site of course — there are over a dozen campsites completely separate campsites out here, and I’ve seen as many as 20 vehicles parked on certain days. I have my own dependable “semi-secret” site that I enjoy for its solitude.

You can learn more about my DIY Truck Camper at my Build A Truck Camper website.

via Mobile Rik’s Flickr.


Arizona Sunset – Boondocking @ Cottonwood, AZ

Sunset + Mobile Rik's DIY Truck Camper - Boondocking in Cottonwood, Arizona

I don’t remember the precise details of this photo, but there are clues…

It’s likely from my first visit to Cottonwood – where there’s a Home Depot – a few days before I rebuilt my roof, which is missing in the photo!

The extension cord suggests I might be recharging my house battery from the engine, which would make sense, because my second DIY solar panel got damaged by the tarp melting onto it before I had a change to glass it in. By the time I got to Sedona a spat of rain had shorted it out in a way I couldn’t fix.

And that campsite was my “go to” back when it was pretty much the only one I knew about at the time. 🙂

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Update: I Just Added Over 60 Videos To My New YouTube Channel!

Update: I Just Added Over 60 Videos To My New YouTube Channel!

Thanks to a fortunate week of nonstop hi-speed internet, I’ve finally been able to work my way through a massive backlog of videos I needed to process and post. Some are recent, some are previous tutorial videos that I broke into parts, and some are DIY camping hacks from almost a year ago. It’s quite a relief to get through them — though I still have many more to go! 🙂

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Here are a few of the new video playlists available so far: