DIY Wood Camp Stove – Cook With Free Wood Without A Campfire!

Campers: Why pay for propane refills when you can cook with free wood?

Naturally, you might might say that a propane stove is way more convenient than starting up a campfire and all that entails — collecting wood, getting it started, tending the fire, and all that — just to boil a cup of water for coffee.

And you’d be absolutely right!

Campfires are fun when you’re a weekend camper. But when you’re a full-time camper, you really don’t want to be dealing with all that for every meal.

But check this out —

What if you still had another way to cook with free wood — twigs even — that you could get going instantly and be cooking immediately, so that your 4-minute coffee prep might take, say, 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Would that be appealing to you?

You can learn how in my 21-minute instructional video below showing you a few DIY Wood Cook Stoves you can easily make yourself for dirt cheap.

(It’s actually Video #5 from my Mobile-Friendly Off Grid Cooking Series, which you can preview right now for free.)

Watch My Video Below


The original post includes a transcript of the video.

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Arizona Sunset – Boondocking @ Cottonwood, AZ

Sunset + Mobile Rik's DIY Truck Camper - Boondocking in Cottonwood, Arizona

I don’t remember the precise details of this photo, but there are clues…

It’s likely from my first visit to Cottonwood – where there’s a Home Depot – a few days before I rebuilt my roof, which is missing in the photo!

The extension cord suggests I might be recharging my house battery from the engine, which would make sense, because my second DIY solar panel got damaged by the tarp melting onto it before I had a change to glass it in. By the time I got to Sedona a spat of rain had shorted it out in a way I couldn’t fix.

And that campsite was my “go to” back when it was pretty much the only one I knew about at the time. 🙂

My DIY Homemade Truck Camper — Day 2 — Roof Installed And Painted w/ Hatch For Solar Oven

My DIY Homemade Truck Camper -- Roof Installed & Painted w/ Hatch For Solar Oven

CAMPER BUILD UPDATES — What You May Have Missed From The Past Few Weeks:

New Roof: I just put another day of work into the body of my self-built truck camper. It now has a solid roof — as opposed to the tarp that was covering it the last few weeks — and it’s sturdy enough for me to sit on (pic). (The pop-up function should be ready within a week or so.)

Homemade Door: I built a homemade camper door from free wood (pic) that came from some old drawers. To keep it closed, I’ve been using a spare doorknob set I had lying around, and a simple combination padlock for minimal security until a friend who’s moving to a new place gives me her old keyed-entry knob and deadbolt.

Innovative Solar Oven: I’ve been experimenting with a tiny roof/ceiling installed solar oven (pic) made from free cardboard boxes, aluminum foil and an oven bag. (The recommended materials.) The main innovation, besides the ceiling-installation, is that this solar box cooker opens from the front (pic – top left), so I can use it from inside the camper after opening up the reflectors above the roof. Despite some problems due to its small size and way-too-thin walls, I’ve been able to boil water and cook rice and pasta (inside view) with it.

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DIY RV Truck Camper Plans (Update) – Started Learning To Use Google Sketchup…

Using Sketchup To Design A DIY Popup Truck Camper

DIY Four Wheel Camper

Diving Into Google Sketchup this weekend, so I can generate different designs for homemade truck campers. Not too tough to get a sketch going, but still a lot to learn to “do it right,” so I can make useable plans with accurate measurements (and maybe even create a shareable model). Amazing that this software is free!

I was fortunate to find a really awesome model for a Toyota Tacoma Prerunner. Modified it a bit, dropping the tailgate and changing the color to match mine. I’d love to figure out if I can change it into a double-cab, too!

For the first day, I’d say it’s going pretty well, wouldn’t you? 😉

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