Arizona Sunset – Boondocking @ Cottonwood, AZ

Sunset + Mobile Rik's DIY Truck Camper - Boondocking in Cottonwood, Arizona

I don’t remember the precise details of this photo, but there are clues…

It’s likely from my first visit to Cottonwood – where there’s a Home Depot – a few days before I rebuilt my roof, which is missing in the photo!

The extension cord suggests I might be recharging my house battery from the engine, which would make sense, because my second DIY solar panel got damaged by the tarp melting onto it before I had a change to glass it in. By the time I got to Sedona a spat of rain had shorted it out in a way I couldn’t fix.

And that campsite was my “go to” back when it was pretty much the only one I knew about at the time. 🙂


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