My Homemade DIY Truck Camper – Day 1 Results

My Homemade DIY Truck Camper - Day 1 Results

Phase 1 is complete! And I’ve spent less than $100 total to get the basic shell together.

The next phase will be to install a real roof — it’s currently covered by tarp, which actually isn’t too bad and provides a lot of light, but I really need a solid roof — and later I’ll take on the challenge of constructing a pop-up mechanism to raise the camping headroom to 6-1/2 feet.

Meanwhile I’m contemplating a few of the other interior projects. Not “furniture” exactly, as most would expect, because I prefer a “workshop” feel. Instead the interior will have a number of experimental sustainability hacks built into the design, including sun ovens in the ceiling that not only cook and bake, but store heat overnight for warmth, morning showers, and pre-cooked breakfast… as well as electricity-free “solar” refrigeration, and conventional solar powered electricity for the laptop. With the huge exception of electricity generation, everything else should cost pennies, since it can all be done with ordinary materials like cardboard and tin cans.

Stay tuned for updates! I’ve meanwhile updated the DIY truck camper “How-To” post on my main blog. (just click the photo)


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