DIY Wood Camp Stove – Cook With Free Wood Without A Campfire!

Campers: Why pay for propane refills when you can cook with free wood?

Naturally, you might might say that a propane stove is way more convenient than starting up a campfire and all that entails — collecting wood, getting it started, tending the fire, and all that — just to boil a cup of water for coffee.

And you’d be absolutely right!

Campfires are fun when you’re a weekend camper. But when you’re a full-time camper, you really don’t want to be dealing with all that for every meal.

But check this out —

What if you still had another way to cook with free wood — twigs even — that you could get going instantly and be cooking immediately, so that your 4-minute coffee prep might take, say, 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Would that be appealing to you?

You can learn how in my 21-minute instructional video below showing you a few DIY Wood Cook Stoves you can easily make yourself for dirt cheap.

(It’s actually Video #5 from my Mobile-Friendly Off Grid Cooking Series, which you can preview right now for free.)

Watch My Video Below


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